Our Responsible Approach

Mindston Capital is aware of ESG issues and their capacity to create long-term value for its investors and partners, and is convinced that financial performance, on the one hand, and environmental, social and good governance performance, on the other, must go hand in hand. In fact, the essence of our approach is based on the search for meaning by adapting real estate to changing uses and lifestyles.


Our Responsible Approach

Mindston Capital has a Responsible Investment Policy which sets out how ESG factors, where applicable, and sustainability risks are considered.

Each fund managed by Mindston Capital has a specific investment policy which may or may not include an ESG strategy. Therefore, the investment policy implemented does not systematically and simultaneously integrate ESG factors into the management of all funds.

The responsible investment policy will be regularly reviewed to assess its effectiveness, to adapt our system to the growing challenges and to determine whether it still reflects our convictions.

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Our Responsible Approach

We are dedicated to leveraging and transforming existing properties in order to reduce the carbon footprint of real estate projects.​

To improve the energy performance of our assets, we carry out rehabilitation and renovation efforts.​

For instance, we want to achieve an average EPD C across the portfolio for the Mindston x Citizens Coliving fund, which would place it in the top 25% of French primary residences.​

The Mindston Hôtels Signature fund seeks to have its portfolio hotels awarded the “Green Key” eco-label.​


Our Responsible Approach

We bring the challenges of sustainable development to the attention of our customer communities and thus aim to reach a larger audience.​

The Mindston Hôtels Signature fund’s plan includes opening hotels all year long, not just during the summer, so that they can blend in with the neighborhood and preserve employment in the area.​

The Mindston x Citizens Coliving fund provides housing solutions to deal with current rental market tensions and promotes access to the housing market for young working people, all while combating isolation and creating social links.​​​


Our Responsible Approach

We are developing portfolios on a regional scale, enabling us to implement local and sustainable purchasing policies on our projects, whether in the construction or operating phase.

Partnerships are formed with local players.

All of Mindston Capital’s funds and fund holdings are subject to a sustainable investment policy that outlines how ESG factors and sustainability risks are taken into account.